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Oct 15, 2020 - Lowering the Environmental Impact of Concrete NOW!

Concrete: the most abundant man-made material on the planet, familiar from the Pantheon to the parking lot, and responsible for roughly 8-11% of global CO2e emissions. When compared to individual countries, the cement industry would be the third-highest emitter of CO2 after China and the United States. Yet, concrete is the literal foundation of our cities and transportation systems.

How can we leverage the strength and durability of concrete while significantly reducing the environmental impacts? This a challenge that must be addressed now.

These presentations address design and industry changes being made today. Our forward thinking panel of experts includes structural engineers, Dirk Kester (Walter P. Moore) and Don Davies (MKA), who will share their experience reducing embodied carbon on LA projects, Alana Guzzetta (US Concrete’s National Research Lab) who will cover current technological innovations, and John Halverson (National Ready Mix Concrete) who will share how local EPDs are being created and making mix design optimization possible.


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