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May 20, 2021 - CLF LA + NY Hubs || Three Minutes of Brilliance

Joint cross-country collaboration between CLF-LA and CLF-NY for a time of inspiration as hub members give 3-min pitches on how we can realize low embodied carbon design.

Find the recording here.

5:47 - Walter Cain, WaCa Design: “Reusing Building Materials: From Obligation to Opportunity”

12:52 - Peter Pinchot, Whole Forest: “Tropical Hardwoods and Green Buildings: A New Market to Reduce Deforestation and Embodied Carbon”

17:09 - Boris Gamazaychikov, Stok: “Whole Life Carbon”

21:00 - Luke Lombardi, Thornton Tomasetti: “Saving Stranded Carbon Assets through Retrofit and Low Damage Design”

25:12 - Scott Morris, MariSol: “Zero 1”

31:50 - Catherine Paplin, Steven Winter Associates: “Change Policy to Change Behavior”

37:18 - Jeff Spiritos, Spiritos Properties, LLC: “Affordable housing with mass timber”


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