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June 15, 2023 - CLF-LA's Laura Karnath Speaks at CACP

Concrete is the 2nd most consumed material in the world due to its performance benefits. It is a preferred building material amongst designers due to its locality, resiliency, durability, and flexibility in architectural and structural design. However, concrete is commonly viewed as a high-carbon material despite the value it can bring to the overall life cycle of a building.

This workshop will help define embodied carbon, why owners, developers and project teams should be reducing carbon on their projects, materials and design strategies currently available to help meet concrete low-carbon goals, and a recent project case study where low-carbon goals were established and successfully achieved.

Our panel of experts will present:

Embodied Carbon: What It Is, Why it is Important, Recent Trends and Future ProjectionsPortland Limestone Cement: A High-Performance, Low Carbon OptionSelecting and Specifying Sustainable Materials for ConcreteCase Study: Intuit Dome - How Strategies and Materials Were Used to Reach Low-Carbon Excellence

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