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Feb. 17, 2022 - Embodied Carbon in Facades

This month we'll be discussing facades and the important role they have at the intersection of operational performance and embodied carbon design.


Sophie Pennetier - Associate Director, Special Projects at Enclos

Sophie holds 14+ years of experience in the design of complex structures and facades. She joined Enclos in 2018, where she has steered various projects’ specialty facades scope sales and design assist efforts, engaged in prototyping, modular curtainwall systems, and various research topics such as ultra-thin glass, facades acoustical analysis and sustainability. Sophie authored several research papers on structural glass and has been involved in the development of US structural glass codes with ASTM, the Journal of Architectural Engineering as an Associate Editor, and the Facades Tectonics Institute where she has served as a Paper Reviewer, in the 2020 Congress Organizing Committee and Special Advisory Council.

Isabelle Hens - MS student in Building Science, Technology and Sustainability

Isabelle Hens is an MS student in Building Science, Technology and Sustainability at UC Berkeley. She previously obtained her BS in Architectural Engineering from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium and her MS in Architectural Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. Isabelle aims to use parametric design to improve multidisciplinary collaboration in early-stage building design by providing designers with simulation-based performance feedback, ultimately allowing them to reduce the operational and embodied energy and design more energy-efficient buildings.

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