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Dec. 16, 2021 - Beyond the Gate: Impacts of Life Cycle Stages A4 and A5

Thursday, December 16, 2021 at Noon Pacific Time

Much of the embodied carbon discussion focuses on the cradle to the factory gate impacts of building materials, but what about the impacts of transportation to the job site (A4) and construction activity (A5)?

In this joint presentation of the Seattle and Los Angeles CLF hubs, join our expert panel representing general contractors and subject matter experts from Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles who will address the impacts, challenges and lessons learned from collecting A4/A5 data. Beyond discussing the greenhouse gas emissions, the session will also address A4/A5 embodied carbon from a health and environmental justice perspective.

Panelists include: Emi LaFountain, Sustainability Project Manager with Turner Construction (San Francisco), Angi Rivera, Director of Sustainability with Sellen Construction (Seattle), Erin Kirkpatrick, Sustainability Manager with Sellen Construction (Seattle) and Kathleen Hetrick, an Associate at Buro Happold (Los Angeles).

Recordings of this event can be found here:

Angi Rivera and Erik Kirkpatrick of Sellen discuss A4/A5 calculation and reduction

Emi LaFountain of Turner Construction discuss A4/A5 calculation and reduction

Kathleen Hetrick of Buro Happold discusses A4/A5 scopes and equity

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