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Feb. 18, 2021 - Mass Timber in SoCal: Code Changes, Challenges, and a Case Study

Join the CLF-LA community for our first event of 2021 to discuss the exciting potential of mass timber construction as a carbon sink as well as the expanded opportunities in Type IV construction revised in the latest IBC/CBC code updates.

We will be led by two fantastic speakers: Mike Romanowski (WoodWorks) and Kate Diamond (HDR).

Mike will share information on the details of these code changes and potential challenges specific to seismic southern California, such as use of CLT as the building lateral system and diaphragm.

Kate will share HDR’s award-winning Orange County Sanitation District Headquarters building.  Using this project as a case study of what is already feasible with mass timber, Kate will touch on introducing clients to mass timber, how mass timber impacts design and lessons learned.


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