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August 24, 2023 - CLF-LA Webinar - Time Value of Carbon

Climate action is known to be urgent, as there are ‘tipping points’ beyond which climate deterioration and its negative consequences accelerate dramatically. This urgency means there tends to be a higher value associated with shorter term carbon reductions as compared to longer term carbon reductions. We need to limit carbon emissions today.

The carbon footprint of materials isn't only about the emissions produced during their manufacture, but also the carbon potential they lock in throughout a building's lifespan. How do we weigh the emissions from greenhouse gasses other than carbon dioxide, such as methane? How do we consider carbon stored in timber and other biogenic building products as they are regrown? What happens when we extend our scope beyond the lifetime of a single building? What is dynamic life cycle assessment (DLCA) and how might it support a better understanding of these concepts?

These are all conceptual frameworks relating to the 'Time Value of Carbon'.

Join us for a captivating exploration into the intricate relationship between building materials and their carbon timelines. Presentations will be led by industry experts Aurimas Bukauskas and Hafsa Burt to be followed by Q&A and group discussion.

Aurimas Bukauskas, PhD (he/him), Senior Associate at RMI:

Auri is a consultant, researcher, and member of the Carbon-Free Buildings team at the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). In his current roles at RMI and as an independent consultant, he helps businesses, governments, and communities move rapidly, profitably, and inclusively towards a sustainable and equitable future. Through his research and work at MIT, Cambridge University, Sterling CLT, Thornton Tomasetti and others, Auri has focused on scaling paradigm-shifting technology innovations, alleviating market failures, and educating change leaders on the global energy and materials transition.


Hafsa Burt is a practicing architect with 24 years of design experience in carbon neutral and regenerative buildings. She is well-known for her expertise in eliminating toxins in indoor air quality, zero carbon/zero energy expertise, and for her legislative advocacy work to promote sustainable buildings for the past 17 years. An industry expert on healthy building practices, Burt is a noted speaker about indoor air quality and carbon neutrality sharing her research and papers. She is actively engaged with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and serves on the AIA California Climate Action Committee developing legislation to address the embodied Carbon, Life Cycle Analysis and decarbonization of the building sector. She is also a WELL Faculty. Burt founded her studio, hb+a Architects in 2006.

Her portfolio spans designs for multifamily residential properties, institutions, hospitality, retail, and medical office buildings. She founded Box Lab, a development arm of the firm focused on zero energy/zero carbon buildings.

Burt earned an undergraduate degree and a professional Master of Architecture from the SCAD. She has been named one of ENR’s 20 Under 40 Construction Professionals in California and received the American Institute of Architects’ coveted Young Architects’ Honor Award. She has also won Innovation in Design Awards by Fast Company and German Design Council.


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